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Product, Prop & Brand Placement Agency

Entertainment Marketing Group is a professional, leading product, prop and brand placement agency based in London, UK. We specialise in placing clients’ messages, brands and products across all aspects of media, including TV and film placement and digital content. We capture an audience's attention through authentic storytelling across all content, by placing our client’s brand at the forefront of the audience's viewing experience. Discover how we can collaborate to transform the way your business performs.

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We've been placing products in iconic content for over 25 years, so we know a thing or two about the world of prop and product placement! Established in 1996; our combined Media, Sponsorship, Production and Analytical expertise ensures a brand-led approach to placing products and props on screen. This is uniquely combined with a detailed, accountable evaluation method. These foundations are key in fulfilling client briefs and delivering on-screen success in both UK and International content.

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At Entertainment Marketing Group, our unique approach to product and prop placement maximises our clients’ onscreen exposure. We have the contacts, knowledge, tools and unrivalled resource to place your brand across all media platforms, delivering the most impactful, targeted and meaningful placements. We know that each client is unique, which is why we also create placement campaigns which are specifically tailored to the needs of each company. A placement campaign with EMG will give you access to millions of engaged consumers in the UK and globally, via leading content across television, film and SVOD platforms as part of the story.

Using our unique audience targeting techniques, handpicked account servicing team and Europe’s most experienced research and production team, our agency is able to get to your specific audience. This is done by understanding how, where and what they are watching. We can guarantee that your product will be placed in the right position, at the right time, so that it stands out to your target audience. Our placement services are tailored to each and every client, to ensure the very best for your business, meeting all of your needs and requirements along the way.

With 20 years of experience, our team is recognised as being amongst the best placement agencies in the industry, meaning you can be confident in the ROI, value and quality which has been achieved. 

Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest: Call 020 7324 1620 for more information on how we can help strategise your next brand placement campaign.


We work with client brand teams to ensure we target the most relevant content. We understand audience, tone, scenario and key products to ensure authenticity and relevance.


Working with over 200 productions from all broadcasters, film studios and streaming services, our brand placement agency engages with production at various stages. From pre-production to post, we negotiate and supply props and cars for productions to use. These can be hero action props and set dressing throughout filming, as well as providing clearance.


We view and monitor over 500 programmes each year, tracking every branded exposure to evaluate clients and competitors share of voice within the market, alongside reporting client results.

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Want to work with us? Get in touch to request props or for further information.

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