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At Entertainment Marketing Group we target your audience to bring your brand to life on screen, in a way that connects emotionally with consumers with proven data driven success.  

We are very proud of our Prop Placement success. For over two decades, we have delivered more high-quality on-screen appearances, time on-screen, audience reach, value and weighted share-of-voice than any other agency.

This success has been mirrored in Product Placement, negotiating more Product Placement Partnerships than any other agency in the UK. It is however, not just about the numbers; achieving targeted, relevant placements is absolutely crucial.

Entertainment Marketing Group is going from strength to strength with our wealth of resource and contacts. We offer the most experienced, dedicated on-the-road production team which ensures our client’s brand-relationships with studios and production houses are unmatched across the industry.

We are also an official supplier of the BBC and work in line with Ofcom regulations - click on the links below for more information:

BBC: Editorial Guidelines

Ofcom: Commercial references in television programming

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